29 June 2021

HMI: Discover our new features!

“Simple to use, quick and easy adjustments and intuitive navigation”: these are the comments of our customers about our modern and technological HMI, available on the Self-Centering Planer (SCP) and Self-Centering Sander (SCS).

The HMI’s sleek and intuitive 15″ touch screen design, built with the Allen Bradley PLC, allows you to go directly to where you need to be during production with its multiple functions:

  • Live data monitoring;
  • User manual displayed on the HMI screen;
  • Live alarm displayed;
  • Alarm history registration;
  • Suggested preventive maintenance displayed;

The HMI provides access to Allen Bradley soft starters with integrated dynamic brakes and a release and return to position mode.



Increase productivity with our available pre-adjustments (thickness and speed).  With a single click, you’ll be ready to start your next production run in no time!

Predictive Maintenance:

Take advantage now of our new predictive maintenance option, available on our Self-Centering Planer (SCP) and Self-Centering Sander (SCS). Using temperature and airflow sensors, you will have a constant visual of the health of your machine and you will be able to perform “just-in-time” maintenance, based on the alarms displayed.

This new feature allows you to keep your machine running smoothly with clearly identified alarms. You will benefit from a personalized maintenance, according to your use and also you will be able to:

  • Prevent a major breakdown;
  • Avoid costly downtime;
  • Save on parts/component changes with the “just-in-time” approach;
  • Maximize the optimization of your machine at all times by performing the suggested maintenance;
  • Follow the wear curve of critical parts in real time.

This new option has been designed to ensure the maximum performance of your equipment and its profitability.

An HMI with so many possibilities, configurations and options, without ever compromising its simplicity of use!


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