8 September 2021


OSI Machinerie is proud to be associated with professional experts from the woodworking industry for its representation and distribution of its high-quality equipment.

MM Maszyny do Drewna and Eurotecpro share the same vision and expertise as OSI Machinerie in optimisation and innovation in the woodworking industry.

The sustained cooperation within OSI Machinerie’s organisation and both Maszyny do Drewna and Eurotecpro ensures a close relationship with the customers’ network.

MM Maszyny do Drewna

MM Maszyny has been operating in the wood processing industry for about 20 years.

MM Maszyny offers comprehensive, one stop solutions for all customer needs. Their solutions are developed based on effective project management and strong, longstanding collaborations with their partners. Whether you seek single systems or entire production plants, they have got you covered throughout the entire life span of your MM Maszyny machinery.

They provide advice on the selection of machines and setting up production lines. They offer also a wide range of equipment for each type of production (flooring, furniture, windows and frame houses) aiming to optimization and scanning.


Eurotecpro offers consulting services to the wood processing industry, in addition to providing technical expertise and after-sales support to its customers.

It proposes solutions to your investments while respecting the budget, ensuring the quality of the installation and the use of the latest technology.

Its director, Fabien Iffrig, has a higher education in Electrical Engineering and a Master in International Project Management. He benefits from a broad experience in the automation of the wood industry.

Eurotecpro stands as the ideal partner for the installation of scanning and handling systems for the industry.

Thanks to strong partnerships with market leaders, Eurotecpro is specialized in the optimization and technological development of the production process.

Therefore, Eurotecpro offers you a wide range of products to optimize your automated production lines as well as scanning, planing, fingerjointing and wood optimization.

Both organisations offer a wide range of personalized services:

  • Remote or on-site troubleshooting;
  • Installation of new equipment;
  • Training of your employees;
  • Repair and overhauling of OSI equipment;
  • Local sales and supply of spare parts.

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