1 April 2021

Your partner in your optimization objectives

After more than 30 years of know-how acquired with companies of all sizes in the field of wood processing, our team of experts provides you with innovative solutions, both through our high-quality equipment and through our customer experience, which translates into a strategic partnership in your optimization objectives.

With several patents in hand and a reputation as a pioneer in the design of innovative technological equipment, we always combine simplicity, precision and reliability to assure you maximum operational efficiency.

Product development
Our engineering team’s expertise and creativity, combined with our rigorous product development process, guarantee the design of high-performance quality equipment. We remain at the forefront of the wood processing industry and continue to optimize your processes.

Do you have equipment development needs? We are happy to collaborate with you to improve your processes. Work in collaboration with us, and let our engineering team propose innovative solutions! Contact us to discuss further.

Multi-segment approach
Whatever your industry – wood flooring, cabinetry, stairs, furniture, mouldings or components – OSI’s equipment and unique approach to processing methods ensure maximum efficiency and the highest quality.

After-Sales Service
Our dedicated team will train and support you technically, and remain your partner throughout the life of your machines. We have in place training and diagnostic programs personalized to your needs.

What matters: the final result
Evolving equipment and a close partnership to provide you with what you are looking for; profitability of your operations and operational efficiency. That’s what we’ve been doing best for over 30 years!

For more information on our world-class services and the excellence of our assistance, contact us now.

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