30 September 2020

OSI Machinerie launches its new Self-Centering Sander (SCS)

OSI Machinerie is proud to present its brand new Self-Centering Sander (SCS), the result of the success of the proven Self-Centering Planer (SCP) technology.  The SCS offers you maximum machining precision, regardless of the type of defects on your boards (cupped, twisted, cambered, splitted). This self-centering concept considerably increases your material yield and maximizes your surface preparation.

SCS is designed for a multitude of manufacturing applications such as: truck floors, doors and windows, furniture, cabinets, components, veneer and plywood. This self-centering sander machines each board, on each side simultaneously, to the desired thickness. You will be amazed by its simplicity of use as well as its high performance, allowing you to obtain different types of finishes.


From October 26th to 30th, our team will present the brand new SCS in live demonstration. We invite you to come and visit us virtually, to learn more about the equipment and ask us your questions. We will proceed with several types of boards during the demonstrations. You can register for the Fair at no charge by visiting

Consult the technical documentation of the product here! 



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