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3 December 2020


OSI Machinerie is proud to unveil its latest technological innovation: the continuous spirals cutting heads, designed for the Self-Centering Planer (SCP).

This new option allows you, among other things, to increase your production speed up to 350 ft/min (107 m/min), without compromising machining precision. 

Also, discover the features that make this product unique, signed OSI Machinerie:

  • Plane dry or green hardwood and softwood with the same head.
  • Sharpen the knives on the outside of the planer with our custom cart and grinding machine.
  • Replace your current cutter heads with this new option
  • Reduce energy consumption compared to inserts cutting heads
  • Knife attack angles adapted to the types of material to be planed
  • Easily interchangeable profiled and segmented knives
  • Longer knife life due to the increased thickness of sharpenable carbide

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